When it comes to aircraft services, IAR Technical Services can provide the whole spectrum of MRO for select Lockheed aircraft. One of our primary specializations is aircraft maintenance for Lockheed fleets including C-130, L100, and L382 series. There’s no doubt that C-130 planes are popular for both military and private use. Its massive interior with a roll-on and roll-off system has a big contribution to various industries, calamities, and missions. With regular C-130 maintenance repair & overhaul, the aircraft is serviceable for decades.

But aside from the famous airship, the Lockheed L100 and L382 series are famous for its own purposes. These two planes are the civilian versions of the C-130.

But how do all these three Lockheed fleets fare in maintenance?

First off, our emphasis on heavy structural repair, modification, and upgrades allow us to help Lockheed Hercules operators extend the service life of their fleets and expand the capabilities of the aircraft regardless of whether it is used for military or commercial purposes.

Programmed Depot Maintenance (PDM) and structural maintenance is a critical part of all aircraft servicing. While the C-130, L100, and L382 planes are still on the ground, they will be inspected ahead of time. So by the time the aircraft arrived at the depot for maintenance, the team is prepared and knowledgeable of the steps to be taken.

Failure mode effects and criticality analysis

FMECA is an analysis tool used in aviation and other industries to ensure that the aircraft or vehicle is in topnotch condition. Basically, FMECA seeks to answer this question: is the Lockheed safe for flight? It’s intended to spot potential errors before they could ever occur mid-air.

The Lockheed fleet, both those used for civilian and military purposes should be subjected to this analysis. It ensures that the aircraft has high system reliability both in the avionics and structural aspects.

The FMECA can also provide limitations to ensure the safety of various technologies installed onboard. This is especially true for fit-for-purpose C-130 planes.

c 130 maintenance repair & overhaul

Common repairs

C-130 and its commercial versions L100 and L382 can be serviceable for decades and maintain proper flight capabilities. This subjects the wiring and avionics to aging. One of the most common repairs for the Lockheed fleet is focused on the installed technologies. Once our C-130 maintenance repair & overhaul company spot wear and tear, the electrical wirings would be repaired or replaced.

Digital displays onboard may start to malfunction due to old age. This, too, should be repaired right away to prevent it from affecting the flight of the aircraft.

Does your aircraft need inspection?

When it comes to aircraft, there are different levels of maintenance inspections that need to be done. We provide A, B, and C checks as part of our heavy maintenance inspections. The answer to how often a C-130, L100, and L382 should be inspected depends on three major factors: flight hours, aircraft age, and type of Letter Check.

IAR Technical Services is happy to provide full service MRO to your fleet. Contact us today for more information.