Sure thing, C-130 planes are the tough guys in the aircraft industry. But when their wings need a little tending, experienced maintenance technicians are the most important people to call. C-130 maintenance repair & overhaul is a complicated task and only the best-trained and highly-experienced technicians should get their hands on the aircraft component.

Aircraft maintenance technicians have to handle multiple MRO tasks. This is why at IAR Technical Services, only the best technicians with decades of experience get to be part of the team. These people ensure that the lifespan of the C-130 fleet will be extended and each unit is always at par with flying standards.

But what does a C-130 MRO technician perform during the process? Basically, he or she will be responsible or the following:

Proper techniques and methods

First of all, MRO technicians are tasked to perform accurate troubleshooting, repairs, functionality tests, airframe checks, avionics, hydraulics, and pneumatic systems. Most of IAR’s technicians aren’t just skilled in performing C-130 MRO; they are also trained to handle repairs for various helicopter models including Bell, Airbus, and MD500 series. Basically, they will scour from top to bottom from the airframe to the tiniest wires inside the aircraft to ensure the aircraft is safe for flight.

Scheduled and unscheduled maintenance

Our MRO technicians are equipped with the skills to perform scheduled and unscheduled maintenance on the C-130 fleet. Aside from in-facility maintenance, technicians are also tasked to conduct maintenance on AOG aircraft and those located in remote locations. Some of the maintenance work will have limited notice so each technician should be fast-acting and prompt at work. No matter the location, our technicians work with the same accuracy as in the IAR’s facility.

c -130 mro

Handling HAZMAT

C-130 planes are large and it bears hazardous materials that need to be handled properly. The MRO technicians aren’t just responsible for tearing down a plane, they should also be skilled in managing, disposing of, transporting, and using HAZMATs at work. Aside from the safety of the maintenance team, it’s also crucial for the welfare of the flying crew. Overall, it’s imperative for technicians to maintain a clean and safe working environment for everyone.

Complete documentation

C-130 MRO technicians have to work with a blueprint. With that, they have to document the issues, fixes, and efficiency of the applied solutions. This requires the technician to have in-depth knowledge of the aircraft makeup and operation. Every MRO project entails documentation of the troubleshoot system, function tests, and assemblies to name a few. Since there is no room for error here, the technician needs to have a keen attention to detail.

IAR Technical Services is hiring!

If you think you have the intensive knowledge and skills for the job, you can apply directly on our website at There you’ll also find our full list of job requirements and benefits. If you seal the spot, you will be assigned at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway in Arizona with occasional international travel assignments.

C-130 maintenance repair & overhaul is a challenging and technical job. But if done right, it will ensure that the C-130 planes will keep taking flight for decades.